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What I want for my birthday!!! A miracle for my friend, Doni!

Doni was my debate partner in high school (that was a decade ago!). We were together almost everyday day throughout the tournament season. We’d be excused from class to read newspaper after newspaper and debate over issues, as if our arguments and propositions could actually save the world! I must say, I think our team had a unique strategy. Doni was the ultimate brains behind our arguments and I wore sleeveless tops and short skirts and did my part to look intimidating. We also had our secret team member — my dad — whom everyone thought was our coach!!! Doni and I think that game plan worked pretty well! 🙂


Doni has always been dear to me. If my heart had different rooms which I’d prepare and reserve for the people I love, he would definitely be staying in a very special suite. It would be an ultra pretty room with lots of wall posters of the Spice Girls plus a jukebox that played only Spice Girls songs! No one can ever throw him out of that room! That room is his to keep, FOREVER. He is the biggest Spice Girls fan I have ever met – and because of that, I have to admit, every time I see the Spice Girls, i quietly sing along to their songs coz it would remind me of Doni.

This poster would definitely be in Doni's room!
This poster would definitely be in Doni’s room!

But… even if Doni holds a special place in my heart and even if I sooooo want to catch up with him after all these years we haven’t talked, I’ve been battling with the idea of meeting up with him since February (of this year). I’ve been hearing this voice in my head, telling me to talk to him, to spend time with him…but I have to admit, I just couldn’t. Until two weekends ago when he finally sent me a text message, and that exchange of messages set our lunch date.  It was perfect timing. I was finally ready.

We met up for lunch at one of his favorite restaurants. A loooong hug started our afternoon. There was definitely loads to talk about! I told him the summary (yes Doni, that was just the summary) of my colorful life and how God was able to just turn everything around. That being said, obviously lunch time wasn’t enough for us. So we pressed the pause button and agreed to meet up for coffee after a couple of hours (coz I had to run to an audition).

Doni and I
Doni and I

A few hours later… Doni went to The Edge (where I work)…Press play. That’s when I finally asked him about his cancer. In February, Doni went to get his chest checked `coz he was extremely bothered by pain in that area. Tests showed he had a tumor twice as big as his heart. Further tests confirmed that he’s got Thymic Cancer.

Thru his blog, he’s been very vocal about what he’s been going thru. Reading thru this blog in February started the battle in my head to meet up with him.. I wanted to be there for him, but I couldn’t give what I didn’t have. I wasn’t strong enough yet. I lost my dad to two kinds of cancer 4 years ago…and that basically explains why I just couldn’t face him. In my head.. another team mate?? cancer again?? :_(

But like I said earlier, I’m finally ready. Seeing miracle after miracle happen in church every sunday has prepared me to be there for Doni. To believe for his complete healing. 🙂


Doni and I got to talk about dad. He told me that he blogged about dad after they went to his wake. As I read what he wrote about my dad for the first time, I broke down. Suddenly everything dad went thru is fresh in my head again. Doni said that everytime he’s in the hospital, he tries to do what dad did — to make the nurse’s smile. Knowing that dad still ‘coached’ Doni even after he passed on just makes me smile now that I think about it.

Anyway, so far, Doni’s gone thru 5 cycles of chemotherapy but..his cancer cells aren’t responding to the chemo. His doctors said he’s too young (26) and his cancer cells are fighting back. He’s gonna go thru his last cycle of chemo tomorrow (august 11).

Ok, my birthday is in 10 days, and I finally know what I want — instead of any gift. All I want for my birthday is for Doni to be well. For him to feel God’s love more than ever before. So, would you please keep my friend in your prayers as a birthday gift for me? If the chemo can’t zap all those fiesty cells — I’m sure God can. I’m sure that God wants to heal doni. I have no doubt. It’s simple, God is good. The Devil is bad. Is cancer good? No. Therefore, it’s not from God. Our heavenly father would NEVER want any of his kids ill like this. Jesus died on the cross and by his stripes, those who are sick — are healed. So would you join me in believing for my friend’s COMPLETE healing? After all, NOTHING is impossible with the creator of this universe, right? 🙂

Oh and to read what Doni wrote about my dad, click here. When I saw the date, my heart raced — he wrote it on my dad’s birthday…. thank you Doni! That was your perfect birthday gift for him — and me. I love you….


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