On babies and conversations with Kristo…

We’ve got another baby boy!!!!!
My cousin-in-law gave birth two weeks ago!!! woohooo! Finally, we’ve got another baby in the house and it’s just such a joy to hold a baby in my arms again. Every morning before I go to work, I get to talk to him and hug him! I sooooo love babies!!! 🙂 and baby Zedrick is soooooper cute!!!

look at him!!! super cute!!!
look at him!!! super cute!!!

One thing I realized about having a new baby in the house is this….

My baby, Kristo, isn’t really baby anymore… Just seeing Kristo and Zedrick together made me realize how big my little man is!!! Wow…it seems like just yesteday when….

Kristo NOT MORE THAN 15 minutes old! :)
Kristo NOT MORE THAN 15 minutes old! 🙂

Anyway…aside from judging by how big Kristo is physically… Talking to him really closes the deal that it’s a totally different ball game with him now!

Here are a few of my favorite conversations with Kristo….

* There was this one time, we were about to go to bed and it was raining really hard. Kristo was scared coz of the thunder. I told him that Jesus was with us, so there’s no need to be scared. He asked where Jesus is.  So my instant reply was, He’s in our heart, so He’s always with us! All he got to say after that was “can i have water please?” So, gave him his glass, he drank his water then — he was suddenly in panic! He said “Mom, I just drank water!!! Jesus might drown in my heart!!!”

Still on Jesus being in our hearts….

* Kristo is totally into studying the human anatomy. He loves reading his cousin’s big anatomy book. As we were going thru the different systems, he was looking closely at the heart. Then he asked me…”mom, Jesus is in our heart, right? So, where is he in this picture?” I didn’t see this question coming!! I didn’t have an answer…So…i ended up just hugging him and telling him that he’s really smart!!!

lately, his favorite is the digestive system
lately, his favorite is the digestive system

More of my conversations with Kristo, soon….

..and to read the story about the day I found out about Kristo, click here.


1 thought on “On babies and conversations with Kristo…”

  1. Owie, that is SO true, children are just TOOOOO smart. That’s why I tell my kids that Jesus is in our hypothalamus, a secret place in the brain that is verrrry hard to see. LOLOL!!!

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