On teaching and learning (part 2)

If you read my previous blog, you’d know that one of my childhood dreams is to teach. What I didn’t mention are the specifics. I want it to be in a classroom. Chalk and board or whiteboard and marker and all. I want to able to make tests, check exam papers and grade my students. In my head I wanted traditional. My training job at the call center was something like that. It was close. So that dream has been lived, technically, but not 100%.

As God gracefully waltzed me to the job I totally enjoy now, little did I know that I’d be given way more than what I dreamed of! This year I’ve been given a chance to teach again! No, not in a classroom. No exams or test papers to check. Nor does it involve  grading the students.

I’ll tell you more about all that in a bit. First, meet the “students”…who are actually awesome “teachers.”

Liz and I with the JLLC teens
Liz and I with the JLLC teens

These are the teens of the Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation. We met them Christmas time last year when the radio station I work for, The Edge Media, went to decorate their orphanage. These guys found a very special place in my friend Liz Claudio’s heart. She’s been visiting them, teaching them all sorts of very useful life skills, from Leadership to public speaking, as well as encouraging them when it comes to music (these guys are awesome musicians!). Then we had these guys as our scholars at the Redeem the Airwaves Conference. I was so encouraged as I watched them during the conference because they were all so eager to learn. That was when I told Liz that I wanted to teach them English.

the guys with Martin & Barbie Honasan at the Conference
the guys with Martin & Barbie Honasan at the Conference

A few months later, we finally had our first session where I gave them rule number one. No speaking in Filipino. They were to speak ONLY English throughout the class. They were all kidding around about their noses bleeding! (It’s a Filipino joke – too much English makes one’s nose bleed!) Some of them didn’t even want to speak at first because of that rule, but as we got deeper into the lesson, they all started opening up. They took on the challenge really well and we all left the place really proud of everyone coz they stepped up!

For the second session, there were no more shocked looks when I reminded them of the rule. They were totally up for it! As we talked about the simple past, present and future verb tenses, you could really see that they were really getting into it! Most of them were no longer afraid to make mistakes coz they so wanted to learn. Their attitude towards learning is just so impressive! You could really see that they value what they’re being taught. They all know why they want to take learning seriously. They all want to land good jobs one day, help their families and more over, understand and share God’s word more.

thank you Liz Claudio for the photo
thank you Liz Claudio for the photo

During our most recent session, as we were having dinner before the class started, Liz asked them to share 1 thing that made them happy and 1 thing that made them sad throughout the week. As I listened to them, I was in awe. Their answers were so selfless, so sincere, so pure, so simple…

Spending time with them has been really refreshing. Listening to them reminded me to keep pressing forward no matter what one’s situation is, to keep on trying, to never stop learning, to appreciate whatever learning opportunity we’ve got, to never stop thinking about sharing the word and sharing God’s love.

These guys are awesome!
These guys are awesome!

These guys definitely have a great future ahead of them! Please keep them in your prayers! Oh, by the way, if you want to help out in any way with these sessions, let me know. We also welcome food sponsors 🙂 we usually buy something from a fastfood, good for about 15 people. (PhP 1,000 or $20)

If you wanna read more about these guys, you can check these links out:

About Liz’s first session with these guys

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Lots of great photos of their past sessions with recording artists

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