On teaching and learning….

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. When I was in either 5th or 6th grade, I’d gather my nephews and nieces  into a room, they were between 3-6 years old, and I’d pretend to be their teacher. I’d have this long wooden stick (something similar to what my gradeschool teachers had) and I’d also prepare report cards for each niece and nephew.

illustration from www.zazzle.ca
illustration from http://www.zazzle.ca

Fastforward to the day I had to fill up my college application…  It was a tough decision, I wanted to be a teacher but a lot of people discouraged me… They said I could teach someday if I really wanted to, even if I didn’t study to be a teacher. So… I majored in Communication Arts, totally loved it and eventually landed jobs in TV, radio, a graphic design firm, a huge call center and now a multi-media ministry. Looking back, I also dreamed of becoming a DJ. I remember that as a little girl, I’d have the radio playing then a little cassette recorder… wait, for those who don’t know what these are, here are photos…

cassette recorder (from http://pianopod.com)
cassette recorder (from http://pianopod.com)
Radio (from www.germes-online.com)
Radio (from http://www.germes-online.com)

…ok, I just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page! Anyway, I’d record the songs that were playing on the radio, then talk after the song as if I were the DJ! I was in grade school. Wow! Look at how God made that little-girl-dream come true!!!

Anyway, So did I ever get to teach?!

YES! I landed language training job in 2007 and I was soooo surprised! I sent my resume to so many companies for all sorts of jobs – not really thinking of what I wanted to do anymore. As long as I got a job, that was fine by me! I totally didn’t expect that I’d be trusted to teach English and try to neutralize our Filipino trainees’ accents in 2 weeks!

I miss Carla!!
I miss Carla!!

Hang on, side story: One of the reasons why I thought I wouldn’t get the job is Carla! We took the applicant’s exam on the same day.  During the exam we kept on giggling at all the computer-techie questions. We instantly got along just by giggling while everyone was so serious in the exam room! At the same time, I was like, wow, great! That’s it for me! There goes this job application! Carla seemed soooo smart (and not long after it was obvious that she really is!) and perfect for the job! THEN…on our very first day at work, it was such a trip to see each other again! Needless to say, she was my closest friend there!!!

Ok, back to the training job…I totally loved what I was doing! I met sooo many awesome people and we didn’t only get to learn all these grammar rules and phonetic sounds, but we also got to learn a lot about life as we  talked about different journeys! Being able to witness progress happening right in front of you because of a person’s willingness to learn is such a priviledge. I am thankful that I got to work with hundreds of trainees within the year I was there.  I became a “mama” to them and it seemed like every 2 weeks I had 20 new “kids!”

the very first language class I handled
the very first language class I handled
With my co-trainers
With my co-trainers

Good times. Crazy times. Lots of learning – specially outside the classroom! After a while, I felt a nudge that I was meant to move on, to check out a different door that had just opened.. and as you’ve read, what I do now is also a fulfillment of another childhood dream. As I left the call center industry, I thought I would never be given a chance to teach again…

BUT… well… I’ll just tell you more about that in my next blog! *wink*


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