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On wedding anniversaries, The Saturn Project and my Aussie friends

Today, July 23, marks the 9th wedding anniversary of one of my favorite couples in the whole wide world!!! My radio parents and  beauty king and queen friends, Ron and Joyce Titular!!


I first met them at a birthday party in 2007 and was even scared to sit at the table where they were at. But somehow I got called over to join them and because Joyce naturally makes anyone she’s with feel comfortable, we got to talk for quite a while. We exchanged numbers and shortly after guested on their radio program to share my story then a few weeks later, they took me under their wing and started training me to do the newscasts and to interview guests for the exact show I was a guest on! Since the day I met them, It’s always been such a joy to see how much Ron and Joyce love each other! It’s UNDENIABLE! The way they take care of each other, the way they’re partners in crime – specially when it comes to eating and working out, the way they talk to each other, the way that more than anything — they’re best friends.  It’s such a blessing to have mentors who are inspiring, not only when it comes to work, but also in the love life department! It’s so encouraging to see a couple who’s been together for almost 20 years and still totally in love with each other! So, to Ron and Joyce, Happy Anniversary!!! …and thank you for being such a cool couple! We love you!

If you wanna know more about the Titulars and what happened on their wedding day, click here. Seriously, it’s such a beautiful blog!!


Within the past week I’ve hung out with some really awesome people from all over the world with such inspiring stories…

First, guys from the US : Wednesday last week, we had the band The Saturn Project come over for an interview at The Edge Radio, the internet radio station I work for. They’re a rock band based in Florida who was here for the AsiaFest `09.  They’re a really fun bunch to talk to, on and off camera.  To watch their interview, click here. (Then click on the ON-DEMAND list and their video should in the “Latest Shows” bracket)

The Saturn Project
The Saturn Project

After their radio guesting, we still got to hang out with them at their gig and they even helped give away our devotional, The Word 4U Today, after their gig! We totally didn’t see that coming, and we super appreciate that they did that!

Bless you guys!!!
Brent and Matt workin’ it!

Aside from the fact that they’re really cool to hang-out with coz they’re totally down to earth, their music is awesome too! Love (one of our other DJs) and I literally had their music playing in the office today. We hope they’d be back soon, hopefully next time hit the malls and other radio stations plus a concert!  To know more about the band and their album (specially if you have a heart for Cambodia), click here. To listen to their music, check out their myspace account, or click here.

frm L-R: Emma, Me, Esther
frm L-R: Emma, Me, Esther

Next, from Australia, Emma and Esther. When I went to Australia November last year, a dear friend, Lynn, brought me to her church, Dunamis, and that’s where I met Emma. I told her that if she was ever in Manila, I’d take her around and we’d hang out. A few months later, she mesaged me that she’s already got a date for her trip to Manila! Emma and her friend Esther came to Manila for a missions trip with Compassion.

It was great to catch up and get to know Emma and Esther more. They’re such a joy to talk to, totally interested in our culture. In fact, I taught Emma how to eat using just her hands, Filipino style, at a restaurant and she was totally into it! That was also the day she fell in love with Turon.  Aside from taking them to the must-see spots, I also introduced them to my friends. They fell in love with the Filipinos  more.

Based on what Emma told me the last night she was here, she wants to move to the Philippines and share God’s love in the depressed areas every single day. What a heart! I’m so excited for what God’s got planned for her!


As I spoke to these brothers and sisters from different parts of the globe, it was comforting to know that in the midst of our cultural differences — there was one thing that was exactly the same — our Heavenly Father. It was awesome to hear what God was doing on their side of the planet, and I’m sure it was a blessing for them to see what God’s doing here in the Philippines.  You guys are missed already — but thanks to Facebook, it seems like you guys are just a few blocks away!

1 thought on “On wedding anniversaries, The Saturn Project and my Aussie friends”

  1. my golly owie, you live such an exciting life!!! Hanging out with rock stars and gorgeous people!!!!
    Thanks for the anniversary greet. We love you very very much!!
    – Ron and Joyce

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