On being stuck…and impossibilities.

No new blogs for 3 or 4 weeks! Clearly, I was stuck! You see, I decided on a topic. I was determined to write about that. Only that. I tried writing the ‘perfect’ blog about _______ for weeks…but I never really got there. (It’s still in my drafts folder, and I still refuse to publish it!) I was too focused on that one thing that I so wanted to talk about, I totally missed the part where I could write about other things first, while I worked on my masterpiece. Made me think, we’re like that a lot of times, right? Just too focused on that one person or thing that we tend to neglect the other people/things around us. A lot of times, we allow ourselves to stay stuck in that one place, when we can actually make a choice to stand up, take a few steps back to zoom out and see the bigger picture. I think that’s the key, to remember that we have a choice, to stay where we are or to do something about it. I dunno, just a thought. 🙂


This morning I was reading about the birth of Jesus in Matthew. We all know the story, right? So I wanted to see a different angle to the story. I wanted to discover something new…and I did, and was blown away! I was led to look at everything from Joseph’s perspective.

As the story goes, Mary, was engaged to be married to Joseph. Before they came together, Joseph discovered she was pregnant. (It was by the Holy Spirit, but he didn’t know that.) Joseph was a righteous man so he was determined to take care of things quietly so Mary would not be disgraced. While he was trying to figure a way out, he had a dream. God’s angel spoke in the dream. The angel told him about Mary’s pregnancy, that he shouldn’t hesitate to get married and to name their son, Jesus.

photo from
photo from

Here’s what a  devotional that talks about that story  says, “Joseph was faced with something that seemed so impossible. He must have wrestled with all that this news implied. For the rest of his life he might live with whispers that he hadn’t been able to wait until they got married, or worse, that he was raising another man’s child. The prospect of living with this shame might have been just as impossible to understand as a pregnant virgin….BUT Joseph put his doubts and questions aside and decided to accept the charge God had given him.”

I’m gonna say this again, Joseph was faced with something that seemed so impossible. What did he do? He accepted Jesus into his life…that’s what he chose to focus on. 🙂

Many times, when we believe that the situation we’re in seems to be impossible to get out of – alive, it’s probably a case of forgetting that we’ve got a Father that does not know the word “impossible” — because with Him, all things are possible. (we humans are forgetful!)

And to prove that point, here’s something that “seemed so impossible” — and it was made possible — the moment we focused on Jesus.


The guy you see in the photo is Tuphe, paralized, waist down, for six years because of a gun shot in his spinal cord. We brought him to church one Sunday and our whole group prayed and believed God for his healing. That same Sunday…


…He was able to get up and walk! It was awesome! After Church, he no longer needed his crutches and wheel chair. A week later, he was able to walk way better and was able to raise his left leg higher – which used to be “impossible” and he could finally feel pain on his left leg!! Yipy for pain in this case, coz obviously, his nerves are now far better than what it was!!!

Before we all prayed for healing, the first thing Tuphe was told was Jesus loves him, and that Jesus wants him healed. Tuphe had his eyes on Jesus — and not on his leg! 🙂


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