Thinking of…the hit-and-run accident we saw two nights ago…

IMG_9612My bestfriend Aia and I witnessed a hit-and-run accident on our way home two nights ago. Here are the details.

The night of June 2:
Aia and I were at Route 196 along Katipunan, QC. It was a night of catching up with our friend, Trici, coz it was her birthday, and also a night of prayer and hugs.

June 3, around 2am:
We decided it was about time to start heading on home. And as usual, ” goodnight and all the see you later” takes a while…but we managed to get in the car not long after and finally got going. That night I rode with Aia, coz I left my car at Tindesitas.  That was supposed to be the next stop.

Around 2:30ish, along Katipunan, right across Kopi Roti:
This is what we saw.
A motorbike with two passengers made a u-turn into the middle lane. It looked pretty normal, and as Aia saw that from afar, she already slowed down. But we also noticed that a car was going really fast. Then, he/she gained even more speed, swerved and hit the motorcycle. He/she showed no signs of slowing down at all. Aia saw that it was a silver VIOS. It was so fast we weren’t even able to get the plate number. I, on the other, was focused on the two guys that were hit. One guy tried to get up, but fell to the ground obviously looking dizzy, but managed to get up again. The other guy lay flat on his face and showed no signs of movement.

Aia and I immediately got out of the car, ran to them to check how they were. The first thing that came to mind was to call an ambulance. But we had one problem, we didn’t know what number to call. Aia said try 911. I did, no, that didn’t work. I stopped the first truck I saw and asked for the emergency number. The driver said 116, then quickly said, 117! 117! Finally, it worked. But i was very disappointed coz the lady on the other end of the line didn’t seem as if she was treating the call as an emergency. she was talking way to slow and seemed as if she didnt care. I gave her all the info she needed, our location, what happened, what i currently saw as the situation of the victims — but she asked about all that again – as if I said nothing to her yet. I was so frustrated i told her to just get an ambulance as soon as possible to where we were.

By that time, Aia decided to just run to the hospital, since she knew one which was really close by. Not long after that, our other friends who were also at Route 196 passed by…and Trici, Rommel and Clarie stopped and helped out.  A police car then slowly made its way to the area. Again, we didn’t get any of the ‘fast action’ we were expecting. Are emergencies like that in movies really different from what happens in real life?? It was so weird. The police finally got out of their car and looked and said, we’ll just wait for the ambulance. Then after a while, they left, and apparently they went to the hospital too (according to Aia, coz she saw them there).

Back at the accident scene, there would be times that Don, the guy who was laying face down on the floor would move his legs. We were doing what we could to keep him awake. All that Trici and I could do was pray for the guy, to pray for healing. His friend, who was also badly hit kept on checking if Don was still breathing. There was a time that he was no longer moving. So i slipped my finger into his hand and told him to squeeze my finger at least or show any hand movement if he could hear us. Nothing. Then soon after that, he threw up and was able to move his head a bit. There was a lot of blood where his head was. Then it started raining hard. By that time, the police were back, but they stayed in their car. Rommel and Trici ran to their car to get umbrellas so that we could at least keep Don dry.

Then after a million years of waiting, ok fine, probably 30-45 minutes of waiting, the ambulance came. When the nurses got there, it seemed as if they didn’t know what to do. We aren’t med students at all, but by the way they handled Don, and the whole scenario, it was as if it wasn’t an emergency. Aia rode with the ambulance, and according to her, when she was at the hospital, they were taking their time there too. When she tried to remind them about the ambulance, she was apparently just told to wait — in a tone that was semi irritated.

End of story, Don and his friend were taken to the hospital. The police no longer talked to us. And all we could ask was, ok, are we still needed? No police reports? Nothing? Apparently, that was it. Then Rommel told us to get in our car, coz by that time, we were already soaking wet. The last thing we saw at the scene was Rommel picking up something very valuable to the whole incident — THE SILVER VIOS’ LEFT SIDE MIRROR.

So, if you know someone who was out on June 2 late ate night and didn’t get home til early morning June 3, and would have probably passed by that area. By the way he/she was driving, Aia, Trici and I are guessing that either he/she had a lot of rage going on or maybe he/she was drunk or on something. And if that person drives a Silver Vios and is missing a side mirror…..then please tell that person that we believe that Don and his friend are gonna be ok. And that please, next time, be careful. Coz he/she didn’t just hurt Don and his friend, but the effect of what he/she did still lingers — now, driving for me and aia is just such a task. Thank God Aia was still on emergency mode, which was why she could still drive that night. I, on the other, had to ask God for all the strength and courage to get behind the wheel.

By the way, thank you to all our friends who prayed for us. We really appreciate it. Thanks joyce for blogging about it too.

There. I guess, that’s it. By the way, just in case any of you guys need it one day, the emergency number to call is 117.


8 thoughts on “Thinking of…the hit-and-run accident we saw two nights ago…”

  1. Wow, Owie! I’m so proud of you, Aia, Trici & co. Praise God that you were all there and you acted bravely and quickly! And i’m glad you blogged about it, too…I’m sure the info would help a lot of people in the future. Meanwhile…nakakainis naman yung mga emergency people! 😦

  2. proud of you and Aia, Owie. I hope you don’t mind if I say I’m praising God that you and Aia were the chosen witnesses of the scene, because any other person might have left them alone. You did well, you did right. All of heaven salutes you both, and so do we all!

  3. thank you!!! 🙂 Yeah, God has a purpose talaga for everything. And we thank God for giving us the opportunity to help and be used by Him.

  4. Reading your story gives us hope that people like you still exist in Manila. It is also frustrating to know that the police and the hospital system in the Philippines is still one of the worst. But what is important is you all helped and nurtured the two victims during this crisis. God Bless you and let’s continue to pray for our society.

  5. 2 years ago, around 2am (i believe this was after going to starbucks in metrowalk where i saw aia) my friend and i saw an accident. 2 men supposedly riding a motorcycle lying on the floor. they were hit by a big truck. no one was helping them. pero may mga USISERO at USISERA.

    117, a number that i took awhile to remember that time because i deleted it in my phone book. feeling ko before it was taking up space in my phone book and yes, i know mali ako.

    the guy i got to talked to in 117 responded fast. i also asked the operator to call me and let me know if the two men were okay. a few minutes later, tumawag ulit ang operator and sinabi saken na i was the only one who reported the incident but when the ambulance got to the location, madaming by standers lang. nag-uusisa.

    it’s sad na no one even bothered to try helping the men but us. i was even told that one of the 2 men died. but if one of the bystanders called 117 instead of just watching the 2 men na naliligo sa dugo, baka na-save pa yung namatay.

  6. oh wow… haaayyy…. that’s sad. thanks for sharing your story, antonette.

    thank you all for your comments. GUYS, remember — 117!!!

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