Mommy Talk: On-a-budget-date ideas for your kids!

As promised, Wednesdays, I’m gonna tell you guys stories about being a mommy — places my son and I go to, activities we do together and well, things we’re up to! So, if you’re a mommy and you’re thinking of ideas for bonding moments, hope this will help!

Saturday morning, Kristo, my 4 year old boy, and i went on a date 🙂 We started with brunch at Flapjacks at Greenbelt 2 in Makati. I wanted to try their “kids eat for free on weekends” promo 🙂 It worked out really well!! There are great options for the kids’ meals. My son chose the pancake meal (I wasn’t surprised at all!) coz in the picture there were 3 tiny pancakes, plus shot glasses filled with maple syrup, candy sprinkles, chocolate chips and marshmallows. Talk about sugar rush in the morning — that would beat a mug of brewed coffee for sure! When we got our food, what surprised me was the 3 tiny pancakes i expected — WERE NO WHERE NEAR TINY!!! It was your regular ‘adult sized’ pancakes! So, the whole free food for kids on weekends is totally worth it!

Kristo and his pancakes!
Kristo and his pancakes!

If you do the math, you just end up paying for what you eat. My suggestion is to get there around 9:30, so that you still get free coffee! They only have that offer til 10am. Well, if you don’t drink coffee, their iced tea is refillable and if your kid is as young as mine, you can share! So if you’re on a budget, you can order a big sandwich, like I did, coz it’s really filling and will last you til early afternoon 🙂 It’s a great way to start the day!!!

The grilled chicken sandwich came with fries and onion rings
The grilled chicken sandwich came with fries and onion rings

After breakfast, we went around Greenbelt 5. If you’re on a budget, don’t be fooled or scared by the fancy-ness of the place 🙂 Kristo and I found 2 really great spots to spend time in there — and way cheaper than other malls we go to! Surprised? Yeah, I was too! But at the same time really happy about the discovery, so I wanna share that with you!

If you step into Hobbes and Landes at the top floor, you and your child will be amused at all the cool stuff they’ve got there. Kristo and I enjoyed looking at the ‘science’ toys, like parts of the body that are detachable, etc. So it was sort of like ‘mall schooling’ right there 🙂 But more than that, we enjoyed spending time at their Lego table. You can just sit there and play with all these Lego blocks — for free! I think we spent about 20-30mins there! It brought me back to those days when I would play Lego with my dad, as a kid 🙂

they've got loads of cool pieces
they've got loads of cool pieces

On the same level, you’ll find TimeZone. Ok, what’s different here is aside from the usual computer games, they’ve got this big play area that you can enter for 90 pesos an hour — and that includes mommies and daddies! Yes, you can crawl in the tunnels and swim in the pool of balls and enjoy the area with your kid — as long as there aren’t a lot of kids. One thing I noticed about that particular branch is it wasn’t that crowded compared to other TimeZones we’ve been to! It was a pleasant surprise 🙂 We were there from around 12nn til about 1:30 and I think it was a really good time to go.

kids get to slide down into a pool of balls!
kids get to slide down into a pool of balls!
kristo and portia, his 'friend' for the day
kristo and portia, his 'friend' for the day

Those are a few places you can go to if you wanna bond with your kids and have fun as a family — specially if you’re on a budget — and if you’re into malls and all that. If you’re more of the outdoor type, then you can always spend the day by the pool, swim at a friend’s house or at club house.  (That’s how we ended our Saturday date) 🙂 Hope that’s helpful! Do you have any great finds you wanna share?

* This is not a paid blog for any of the establishments I mentioned in this blog. This was written for the sole purpose of telling other mommies and daddies about these great discoveries*


2 thoughts on “Mommy Talk: On-a-budget-date ideas for your kids!”

  1. Owie!!

    this is super helpful! now i know where to take the kids! nauubusan ako ng ideas… at pera! haha

    thanks a lot!

    cute niyo ni kristo! say hi to him for me ha.

    see you Sunday! 🙂

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