Walk Thoughts: His arms around me…

As I was thinking of what to write today for my Walk Thoughts, I wanted to tell you guys about how I’ve rediscovered the beauty of Jesus…as well as how I opened this box to discover what Grace is…all weekend I’ve been so overwhelmed by these ‘new’ discoveries… Oh how I wanted to tell you guys about that…but as I lay in bed, trying to collect my thoughts on how to write that specific blog, a different idea overwhelmed me. You see, I had my son’s tiny arms around me as I was deep in thought. My natural reflex (I think) as a mom was to hug him and kiss him as he was far away in dreamland…and then I started to thank God for Kristo, my 4 year old. I thanked God for trusting me to take care of him, to raise him, to love him and to learn with him. I thanked God for such an amazing son.

IMG_1229`Til this very day, I am in awe of this little man (and I don’t think it’ll ever change). I have always been amazed to see him learn new things, from trying to feed himself, to taking off his socks, to knowing how to play a computer game and this weekend – to be really interested in the human Anatomy. I know right??? Even I was surprised!!! *side story* As we were in Hobbes and Lands over the weekend, out of all the toys that would interest him, he spent most of his time checking out toys which were parts of the body, like parts of the ear which had detachable parts, parts of the brain, torso, etc. I thought it was all just because they were ‘toys’ in his eyes and they really were cool… but yesterday I found him looking at his cousin’s giant human atlas book. I confirmed his interest in anatomy when for a bedtime story, he asked for the atlas. Then he had me discussing the skeletal, nervous, musculoskeletal system to him. Then I heard him say “I have a skeletal system” – and touched his ribs! I couldn’t help but be amazed. Then what followed were thoughts of – “I wish I had paid attention in my biology class so I could tell him more about the body and answer his questions” (so that’s why they teach that stuff – so we could teach our kids about it someday!!!) Besides that, I am still in awe of how he can just absorb and remember so many things he just heard of once!!! I can’t stop thanking God for how smart he is! (You see, I find it tough at times to remember things, so to see my son like this is just such a thrill and a blessing!)

Ok, back to my Walk Thoughts…I am thankful…Thankful that I see life unfold in front of me. Thankful that I see this little man trust in God’s healing power when he has a wound. That he would rather insist for prayer than just give him a peck where it’s needed. I am thankful for his little arms that embrace me. I am thankful that he surprises me with remarks like ‘you’re so pretty, mommy’ or ‘I love you, mom’… I know it’s normal for our kids to feel God’s love thru us, after all, we are their parents here on earth… but how about those times when we feel God’s love thru them? I’ve felt that sooo many times – specially when my son calls me when MY favorite cartoon is on — and it’s such a wonderful feeling. I’ve learned so much about Jesus thru my son…I’ve seen how patient God has been with me, as I deal with my son…and well, there are just so many instances where I get to understand my relationship with Jesus, thru my relationship with my son..  I pray that it’s the same for all you mom’s and dad’s too… 🙂


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