Thursday…Thinking of…

…What exactly to write on this site.  Ok, let’s back track. Why am I even starting a blog? Isn’t facebook and multiply tough enough to maintain???  What’s pushing me to do this? Why have I been thinking of this for days? Well…I’ll tell you whose fault it is!!! It’s Ganns Deen’s and Ardy Roberto’s fault!!!

Ganns is a Filipino Christian Blogger and is such an expert at it! Try to google him, you’ll know what I mean.  Ardy is an author — and well, click here to find out more about him.  They were two of our speakers at the Redeem the Airwaves 4.0 Conference.  Ardy talked about being a writer and gave tips on how to write. The most important thing he said that still rings in my head is “write. write. write.” If you’ve got something to write, write it, NOW!!! ok, I got the message. Usually I find myself in situations where I say to myself, “I gotta write about this!”…but I don’t.  So it was huge to hear that. It  makes so much sense! Then Ganns talked about blogging — and WordPress! So ok, write.write.write….and the avenue — WordPress.

So since they talked at the conference last week, I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about on this site each day. So far, I’ve come up with:  Mondays, I’m gonna talk about my walk with Jesus, thing’s I’ve read about him, lessons learned and the like. Tuesdays, I wanna tell you about what’s happening on my show at The Edge Media — or well, anything related to my ‘extended’ world — work.  Wednesdays, I was thinking about sharing mommy thoughts, stories about my son, parenting tips I’ve read or heard and tried — just anything that’s got to do with being a mom. For Thursdays, well, this is where anything goes – anything I’m thinking about for the day, thoughts about a book I’m reading for the week, a movie I saw or a friend or person I wanna feature. Then Fridays, I’ll try my best to give you guys updates of what’s happening during the weekend, like gigs, events and maybe places you can visit as a family. I’m not really sure if I wanna blog on weekends, so we’ll keep it to what we’ve got so far 🙂 How does that sound?

I’d love to hear what you think of this gameplan 🙂 Whatchathink??? 🙂

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