I am…

Owie Burns.  I’ve got a 4 year old son. His name is Kristo and you’ll be reading a lot about him on this site. Nope, not married yet…but I’m praying for my future hubby, whoever and wherever he is 🙂

My dad’s British, mom’s Filipina. I was born in Hong Kong, but raised here in the Philippines.  I speak Filipino fluently — which leaves most of the people I meet for the first time — in shock. 🙂

I work for a Christian media ministry, The Edge Media, as a DJ/VJ for our live online shows and when I’m ‘off-air’, I’m at my desk working on our quarterly devotional, The Word4UToday.

These are a few of the many many stories I want to share…and I’m gonna do just that on this site. I’ll be talking about being a mom, parenting, my job as a media missionary, stories of other people who have touched my life, books I read, music I listen to, food I like and my walk with Jesus…


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